The Quiet Confidence system has been developed by Tony over a number of years.

Through nearly 40 years in the study of martial arts, he became aware that it was more a study of understanding oneself, ones space, the connection to that space and how to interact with it.

As Tony explored this concept he realised that it was his confidence that he was really finding (developing). By understanding his space and how he connected with it, he could have a more comfortable and confident point of view.

This meant that he could operate in a more grounded and complete way.

Developing (building) a quiet and confident point of view, which in turn helped him to feel more stable and caring in the way he interacted with his life. Allowing an understanding (connection) of his authentic self.

A journey by Tony Schaufelberger, Founder of Quiet Confidence

We believe that once a person becomes aware of themselves, how they move and the choices they make, builds the feeling of being in control of who they are. It helps create a quiet confidence and a calm belief within.