Tony Schaufelberger - Founder of Quiet Confidence

After 40 years of martial arts experience, and gaining black belts in five styles, Tony knows that the best way to handle conflict situations is peacefully. This is his story about how he came to grow his confidence by turning away from aggressive solutions, connecting with himself and learning to connect quietly, and confidently, with others.

Tony’s story…

“Growing up in a tough area of the city as a quiet and shy kid I was concerned about how I could look after myself. This led me to learning martial arts as a teenager in the hope of learning to take care of myself and to build up my confidence. After many years of training I realised I was different to other martial artists. I wanted to have confidence without having to be aggressive, and I wanted to maintain my integrity and help others maintain theirs too.

Over the years I have intently observed other people, and have come to realise that most people do not know themselves – who they really are. They are disconnected with their bodies and unaware of how their personal structure, the way they hold themselves, affects them. I realised a key difference between them and me is that I had become very aware of where my personal space was and how my emotions would show through my posture.

When I looked at traditional self-defence courses and heard stories of how people defended themselves on the streets I started to question the efficacy of the traditional aggressive approach. Did it lead the defender to become a bigger bully than the bully?! And how could I control my ego and not let it take over when faced with confrontational situations?

Ultimately I found myself spending many hours mulling over one key question:
How do I maintain my compassion and maintain my authentic self in any conflict situation?

And that is how the concept of Quiet Confidence was born. From a desire to stay true to myself and connect better with others. I’m still the same as that shy kid and it took me a long time to realise that confidence doesn’t have to be loud, or arrogant. Confidence is not about ego, it is about becoming aware of yourself and your relationship to others. It’s about learning to slowdown, connecting with your emotions and have the courage to share with others your authentic self.”

Tony’s Credentials:

6th degree black belt in Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu
5th degree black belt in Aikido
3rd degree Black Belt in Jitsu NZ
1st degree black belt in Iaido (the art of the Japanese sword)
1st degree black belt in Lynch Aikido
ASCEA Basic Adult Tutor Certificate

Bill Amosa – Associate Director of Quiet Confidence

After working in the business arena for over 40 years, Bill has enormous experience when it comes to working with people and for people. He’s worked with officials, (Deputy Prime Minister) to SME business owners and their staff.

He believes when it comes to understanding how businesses work successfully, he will always say “it’s the people that are its most important asset”.

He brings his knowledge from a different perspective of how staff and business owners can apply Quiet Confidence concepts into their everyday activities.

Bill’s story…

My passion for business started when I was a youngster, collecting and gathering empty beer bottles and working a newspaper run, anything to earn an income for myself. My family was very poor and there was no ‘pocket money’ in those days.

Being an entrepreneur at a young age until today is what I love doing. I’ve had many successful businesses and I’ve had businesses that have failed miserably. In every business venture I’ve had, one thing always remains constant, having great people is a business’s main asset.

>When I first met Tony and he introduced me to Quiet Confidence I was absolutely astounded how simple yet how effective this program was for someone like me.

It was what I was looking for, it helped me understand myself in a more meaningful way. I resonated with Tony as to how a person did not need to become aggressive to be able to communicate. How having the confidence to be able face life’s challenges could be so empowering.

I was so impressed I wanted to be a part of the business, it was a unique way to help people be the people they want to be.