Community Connections (North Island)

I attended the Kapiti course about 3 weeks ago, our class is a little hard to forget with Jarred in I am a big believer in integrity so one of the first things we learnt was integrity and beliefs.

For myself I didn't realize how many invisible walls I have up, so through the breathing, grounding and centering techniques, I learnt I can let some of that tension go. I also learnt how I can learn to sweep stress and confrontation to the side, instead of facing it front on, not everything needs to be done by force. it was also interesting too, how we can incorporate distractions and confusion to minimise an escalating situation.

I came into the course not knowing what to expect. To me it was a non-violent, holistic approach to self defense, but more proactive approach rather than reactive.

Thank you both for the day

Kind Regards

Community Connections (North Island)

Hi Bill and Tony

It was great to finally meet you both. Thanks again for running this course for us; it has been one of the best received courses we have ever run.
I still hope to sit in on an entire session some day

All the best
John Taylor

Community Connections (North Island)
  • How to protect myself without harming others. also provide me with confidence to handle situations, if it gets out of hand.
  • Engaging with Tony in the practical activities as he kept it real.
  • Everything about it was brilliant.
  • People will feel more confident in their work and getting away from situations that are not safe.
Staff members from CCL

Quiet Confidence conducted Annual Leadership Seminars for the Senior Students in 2014 - 2017.

Thank you for again running the seminars this year, it was an excellent day.

I am organising for you to run a session on one of our staff only days next year for our staff.

John Payne, Deputy Principal Kings College

Words from Students of Kings College:
“Learning to keep calm in different situations.”
“Being able to do tasks that relate to the message.”
“The interactive nature of the session.”
“Learning how to control problems with little effort.”
“Exercises in stability.”
“Themes were strong and instructors were very helpful.”

Yash’s Testimonial – Corporate Business

In this busy and ever-changing world keeping up can be quite a challenge. Quite Confidence has given me the belief and tools to effectively meet these challenges with constant awareness while remaining grounded.

Quite Confidence achieves this through the simple awareness of choices allowing me to engage and achieve greater outcomes with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

Tony has created a remarkable program that allows you to not only understand but experience these choices. Quite Confidence is no longer a program but a way of life for me.

Yash Dayal, Chief Strategy Officer - SLS Security

Just wanted to thank you for coming in and putting on the course for us, the youth loved it and I was glad to hear that the numbers increased on the last Tuesday.

I really appreciate your time and hope that we may be able to do this again in the future.

Chelsey Harnell, Youth programme & Recreation Coordinator.