First Responders
   and Security
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Overview Of Industries

Security Industry

The security industry is very varied, however almost all individuals working in that industry, including First Responders, Prison Officers and other security officers, are taught the same methods to resolve or de-escalate an ‘incident’ of abuse, whether it be verbal or physical. That is – physical restraint is the first action.

Many First Responders in the medical industry alone report abuse from patients or other individuals, both verbally and physically. Physical restraint undoubtedly creates increased aggression from the patient, and the self-esteem of the Responder also reduces after taking home the negative events and outcomes of the incident. If there were other ways to de-escalate a situation than physical restraint, both the patient and the Responder would benefit.

Quiet Confidence provides techniques for those working in the security industry to deflect any potentially aggressive incident calmly, without anger or force, therefore improving the well-being of all involved in the event. It contributes to the health of the offender who requires less or no physical restraint. The ‘restrainer’ is also more confident, and much happier, that they were able to calm the situation down both emotionally and physically without escalation and adverse effects to all involved.

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