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Staff well-being is paramount to every organisation no matter how big or small. The number of ‘incidences’ that staff are experiencing in most organisations is on the increase.

As just one example, statistics published by the Department of Health Boards (DHB’s) in New Zealand (NZ) for the 2018 period, reported nearly 2000 incidents involving assault on nurses in NZ hospitals and care facilities. In addition, for the same period, nearly 500 ‘incident’ reports were recorded by each regional DHB – an increase from previous years.

Various other reports state that staff are apprehensive about their safety in the workplace. It is very clear that current methods of training in regards to ‘self-defence’ are not working.

Quiet Confidence is the new revolutionary way of training your staff. It allows them to look after both themselves and their clients in a more positive way at the same time. Through self-awareness and making choices for better outcomes, everyone involved benefits.

John Taylor CEO – Community Connections North Island says..
“Hi Bill and Tony
It was great to finally meet you both. Thanks again for running this course for us; it has been one of the best received courses we have ever run. I still hope to sit in on an entire session someday”
All the best, John Taylor

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