ETU KI RUNGA Stand Confidently Confidence is not about ego,
it’s about becoming aware of yourself
and your relationship to others.
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Everyone needs confidence !

Confidence is identified in two ways – inner confidence and outer confidence.Inner confidence is how we feel within, while outer confidence is how we portray ourselves to others. For all of us, young or old, both inner and outer confidence is a vital part of our character and largely contributes to our success. Whether we are already confident in both areas, or we could make improvements, we can always do with more.

Confidence helps us in everyday situations…to grow and develop as an individual, and to better manage most of life’s many challenges with less struggle. Whether it be in life or work, or in every other area of our life.

How does Quiet Confidence help you?… we have developed simple strategies and tools to help you grow, strengthen your personal power, and especially, increase your own confidence level and ability to better understand others.

The Quiet Confidence system will also help you to be more aware of who you are as a person – to be your ‘Authentic Self’, and to improve your personal wellbeing while achieving greater success in all areas of your life.

About Us...

The Quiet Confidence system was developed by our Founder, Tony Schaufelberger, over a number of years.

During the 40 years of his study of martial arts, Tony became aware he was really learning about the understanding of one’s self and one’s personal space, the connection to that space, and how to interact with it.

Members Of Our Team
Tony Schaufelberger
Founder and Director
After 40 years of martial arts experience gaining black belts in five styles, Tony has learned the best way to handle conflictual situations is peacefully... Read More
Bill Amosa
Associate Director
After working in the business arena in New Zealand for over 40 years, Bill has gained enormous experience when it comes to working with people, and for people....Read More
John Tahere
Certified First Responders and Security Trainer & Qualified Instructor
Specialising in security industry John knows how to utilise all the tools of physical restraint, de-escalation, crowd control, personal protection and the relative art of negotiation in the face of direct conflict and trauma..Read More
What Others Say About Us
Yash’s Testimonial – Corporate Business In this busy and ever-changing world keeping up can be quite a challenge. Quite Confidence has given me the belief and tools to effectively meet these challenges with constant awareness while remaining grounded. Quite Confidence achieves this through the simple awareness of choices allowing me to engage and achieve greater outcomes with family, friends, colleagues and clients. Tony has created a remarkable program that allows you to not only understand but experience these choices. Quite Confidence is no longer a program but a way of life for me. Yash Dayal, Chief Strategy Officer - SLS Security
SLS Security
  • How do you think Quiet Confidence will help you in your current role?
  • If I ever did have an incident then perhaps I would be more equipped to deal with that.
  • Have learnt tips to minimise conflict.
  • It will help me in a situation that’s physical, not fighting back, keeping calm about the situation and thinking through what to do next.
  • Its given me new skills to work on and shown me I don’t need to be physically strong as long as I have belief.
  • It will help me a lot to feel more confident, particularly when beginning a new support work with an unknown client.
  • Gives me the confidence to put myself first and prepare the Team in their role.
  • It will give me the confidence to deal with challenging situations in a correct way.
  • Being more mindful and aware of posture, surroundings, ways of getting out of pickles, hopefully without making things worse.
  • Great harnessing of participants engagement, linking in our needs, issues and experience. Excellent partnership between presenters and demonstrations will look forward to your cards and checking out your website.
  • I think the cards, particularly to myself as a Team Leader will prove very valuable. Perhaps going through one or two exercises could improve the training.
  • Thank you I appreciate this and how it was interactive rather than computer technology based. Nice for a change.

Staff comments October 2020- New Plymouth, Palmerston North & Wellington

Staff Members from CCL (North Island)
" It was great to finally meet you both. Thanks again for running this course for us; it has been one of the best received courses we have ever run. I still hope to sit in on an entire session some day. All the best "
John Taylor CEO of Community Connections
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